June 28, 2017

Knowledge is power and the internet is unlimited knowledge, so naturally, because these days no one can get their face off of their computer monitors, phones and iPads, we are all essentially very powerful beings. Except for some reason, we have chosen to use the internet to learn about things that contribute nothing, and I mean literally nothing to our intellect and existence. At least I have. So for your amusement, I have compiled a list of useless questions I have searched the web far and wide to answer for no reason other than to be able to sleep at night because I just cannot live with th...

June 7, 2017

Howdy Tiny Ass Fans! It is 2 in the freaking morning on a Tuesday and I am sitting alone in my living room, with a glass of wine, my dog and leftover pasta. Why am I up you might ask? Because a) It’s my turn to blog this week and up until 20 min ago, I thought I had nothing to write about, but then I remembered that, b) I am an expert procrastinator and c) because I just watched Wonder Woman, d) I have decided that I want to tell you all about the many wonders of being a woman. Although I am slightly underwhelmed by the movie, it did remind me of one thing: being a woman is awesome, and it als...

May 24, 2017

I’m not an expert in online dating, money, sports, politics, or a lot of other things that seem to be common knowledge to some of you. But I am certain that I can give you the best advise on what to binge watch when you are having one of those days where you just cannot face the world, want to lock yourself in your apartment, sit in your underwear on the couch, eat some junk food, and have your only companion be your dog (or a plant) and play detective; because that’s like every other day for me (sigh). I’m not a Law and Order/ Criminal Minds kind of gal, but man, am I obsessed with twisted do...

May 9, 2017

Hello again and let me begin by saying sorry. I have kept all of you out of the loop, but trust me, that's only because I can't even understand what the hell is going on in my life right now. All I know is it's been a long couple of months and I have abandoned my tiny ass partner in crime, Macee. Although I can't say I regret that because we've seen some epic posts from her lately... but I'm BACK! 

This time, I come to you from sunny Miami Beach, Florida of the United States of Amerrrca. But before I get into detail about why I am in Miami and jet lagged AF, can I just say, has flying become an...

March 7, 2017

For those of you who didn’t know, I am an actress. No, you haven’t seen me in anything. No, I don’t do it full time. Yes, I spend more money on headshots, websites and reels a year than I actually make working as an actor. Yes, I am poor AF, like all other actors whose names you don’t know. But because I am an actor, I take my movie going and watching very seriously.

I grew up in a family of cinephiles with a mom that could have and should have been a scream queen and a dad who could have been the next Roger Ebert. So, lets just say it’s because of them I had the ridiculous idea of becoming an...

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August 22, 2017

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Macee (left), Fern (right)


Two bitches in Los Angeles. Macee (left), Fernanda (right)


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